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Company Overview

From humble beginnings…one man & one service truck…to the largest electrical and HVAC contractor in Brookings County, our expansion is a testimony to our reputation and commitment to quality.

Our affiliation with Nexstar means higher value to our customers through innovative programs. Nexstar members put their customers’ needs first, offering flat rate pricing and other programs not available from others in this area.

Our electricians & HVAC technicians have experience with all major brands of equipment. They show up at your door with stocked trucks, tools in hand, and boot covers, ready to go to work for you!​
Perry Electric is proud to call Brookings our home. We have served the area, as well as South Dakota State University, for more than 50 years

Today we are about 20 employees and have a very different outlook and market approach. We are a “flat rate company” which means we give you a price up front to approve before we do the job, so there are no surprises. We work for you, the homeowner to give a “5-star experience” and a great value for your Dollar. We have added Plumbing to our mix, Remodeling Bathrooms, basements, and Kitchens. We like to call ourselves a” One stop shop where one call does it all”

The next generation is here and taking the business into the future

Provide Quality Services For 60 Years!

Our Mission

Great products, a “5 star” experience with the best value for you!


My father, Loran Perry started Perry Electric in 1963. He wanted a place for his boys to work after school and during the summer. Loran went to the bank to get a loan to start his business and was told to “go get a job”. Loran didn’t listen, he went and started a great business that grew into what you see today. It was ironic that the banker that told him to get a job, hired him to rewire his house later in life. A great story!
I, Keven Perry, Loran’s second son of 6 boys, was 6 years old at the time. I went to work as an electrician with my dad after school and learned the family trade. I got my first shock at 9 years old and learned everything I needed to know about electricity that day.
I missed a lot of after school cartoons! I spent my summers working for the business. I started as the “tunnel rat” with a wire tied to me and crawling thru to the other end. I crawled thru 120 F. attics as well. I was the perfect size for the job. It was a great experience and taught me lot of life’s lessons that became important later.
The business was started in a garage at 112 8th st. in a single car garage in Brookings SD. The main vehicle was a car with the back cut off and converted to a truck. The second truck was the international pickup you see in this picture. We then moved to a garage at 909 3rd street, same size, but the house was bigger with the growing family. Then to 203 west 7th ST, It was a double garage! And we moved another garage to the west of the house for inventory. Next stop was the former car wash at 630 Western Ave. We converted the building to a four truck bay system and then totally outgrew the building.
In 1994, we moved to the present site at 100 Main Ave. So. It was the former lumber yard that covered 3/4 of a city block. We topped out at 35-40 employees at one time in the 90’s. My wife, Deb Perry and I bought the company in 2005 and are the owners today. Some days I feel we have outgrown this facility as well. The next generation is here and taking the business into the future Perrys.
We take reviews very seriously and strive to fix anything that did not go 100 %
We want everyone to have a 5-star experience with us

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